Thursday, December 10, 2009

THE birthday gift

lui gave me the BEST birthday gift ever! :)

background: i have always been conscious about my face - i used to have a lot of pimples and it took me countless products to finally find the products that work well for me. i am extra conscious about the dark eye circles and eyebags. i don't know where i got it but it has always bothered me - it just never goes away!

last month, i noticed that i was starting to get wrinkles around my eye area - laugh lines for some... and i started complaining to lui. he kept trying to appease me and say that i wasn't very evident but i was going on and on about it. hehe.

then one day, i asked lui to accompany me to Rustan's so that I can check the prices of La Mer here in Philippines. (I discovered La Mer before our wedding but only started using it months ago after hearing some great feedback from my Indo friend. it is a great product but price is a little too steep).

so i was there asking and the sales lady told me that i will be able to save some bucks if i buy the "collections". when i asked the price, i nearly fainted. but i wanted it. but it was expensive. ouch!

it was a surprise when lui suddenly told the sales lady that we were going to get it. i was like "we are?!" and he said that it was going to be my bday / xmas / anniv gift. (ganun cya kamahal!!!) i wassss sooo happy i could have kissed him right there and then! which i think i did hahaha...

anyway, here's my bday gift from my one and only pa-b:

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