Monday, December 14, 2009

not so good week

well, it was my birthday last week. and i did get to celebrate with my family so on that side, im pretty happy.

i was also able to submit my first audit report to my boss last week so that's done and now im a bit more "relaxed". nothing much to do at work until the new year comes.

now for the not sooo good vibes:

i had my weigh in yesterday. sadly, my weight didn't move down but up a bit :( 0.80 lbs to be precise. i guess it's my fault because i only went to the gym once last week :( this week has to be better!!! my PT made me pay for the .80lbs yesterday. i never worked out as hard as I did yesterday. yeesh. i was breathless. pathetic.

i had a great night last friday partying and celebrating my first ADB department christmas party. it was a blast. people went all out with their costumes and it was a totally relaxed and fun atmosphere!

but it got ruined when i had to wait for 2 and a half hours to get home... i waited for a cab near ADB but not one taxi stopped and to make matters worse, it was drizzling and i was carrying LOADS of stuff with me:( i didn't dare take the mrt because i was wearing my fairy dress (on hindsight, i should have changed clothes before i left the party! grrr). i started waiting at 10pm at ADB Megamall exit and ended up at Guadix exit by 11:30 (thought it will be easier to catch a cab there but not really). even manong guard helped me hail a cab but we're both unsuccessful. :( good thing my hubby came to the rescue. albeit a bit late... he was still there to pick me up at around 12:30am. sigh what a night.

i decided right there and then that I WILL LEARN HOW TO DRIVE ASAP. i don't want to be stuck somewhere again!

no more parties on a Friday until I learn how to drive! hmph.

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