Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year everybody!!!

I hope everybody had a great time during the New Year. I sure did :) Aside from the sumptuous meal that my mom cooked for us (a little too much i think)

I was also able to:

1. read some books (5 books in 4 days) (If you are a huge Harry Potter and Greek Mythology fan, I recommend that you read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. It's awesome! :D Actually, it's a children's book but who cares?!)

2. worked out (3 out of 5 days)

But I guess the pigging out during the New Year didn't help with my weight loss goal. I actually gained some pounds. I asked my PT not to weigh me last Saturday as I am 100% sure that I gained and I didn't want it to affect my work out for that day. But having said that, I'm still trying to be optimistic with my weight loss goal. I will lose weight. I will I will I will :D

I promised myself I will do more cardio workout for the whole month of January. I guess one of the reason I'm not losing weight is that I do more weight training than cardio. I need to change that a bit... I also need to cut back on my calories and carbs. Sigh it will be a tough month ahead.

So what did you get for New Year? My best New Year's gift is probably my new LV zippy wallet c/o my Dad :) Yup for the first time, my Dad gave me money to buy an LV wallet. Happy me :D

What's your New Year's resolution? Me? I don't have any... I keep breaking them anyway hehe.

Happy New Year everybody!!! Hope 2010 will bring greater things for everybody! :D


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Happy new year !

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the food there hehe is perfect for my Weight Loss

Computer Recycling said...

I can't believe I missed the party ;)
Let me know when the next one is :)

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