Tuesday, August 05, 2008

video song list - threelogy

finally, after 10 years, was finally able to come up with the list of songs for our video. some of the songs we selected because we love the song, some, we chose on whim (ngeeeee).

most of the songs are alternative. we dont want cheesy (classic) love songs, except for the ones that we really really like :) (hope our video still turns out nice though)

here's the list:

1. Accidentally In love
2. First Time (Lifehouse)
3. Time of my Life (David Cook)
4. Our Lives (the calling)
5. Guardian Angel
6. Lovely
7. Feels like home
8. always be my baby (david cook)
9. the time of times by badly drawn boy
10. two words (lea salonga)
11. arithmetic (brooke fraser)
12. Im yours (jason mraz)
13. man and wife
14. you and me
15. bubbly

let me know what you think!!!

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