Tuesday, August 26, 2008

from a wawie to a nawie (sg version)

we had an EB weeks and weeks ago (sorry this is long overdue na!!!) the transition from being a wawie (weddings @ work members) to a nawie (newlyweds @ work)? it was amazing!

before there were not stop chikahan about suppliers, gowns, photogs, venues, budgets and what nots. everything and anything that has to do with wedding - we covered. NOW it was pregnancy, getting pregnant, diet, work, family... basically anything and everything in LIFE :)

i guess it's a great thing that the group here in SG is quite strong. coz even past wedding stuff we still have a lot to talk about. and it comforts me to know that nothing changed - an EB is still an EB :) nonstop gabfest to the highest level!!!!

but the last EB we had? OH BOY! it was the longest running EB ever! tin and i met at around 12 to grab lunch together. around 2, the other wawies started coming. until finally we ended at 6pm!!! LOL grabe we had so much to talk about!!! i think if time permitted, we would have stayed until dinner! :)

thanks to my fellow wawies, eventhough we rarely meet up, i know that you will always be there! hope that we continue growing and adding new members to our FAMILY :) at sana ang mga oldies, mag sulputan naman! hehehe mwahs to all!

you can view the pictures here

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