Friday, May 23, 2008

on david cook

okay... i promise this is the last time i'm going to drool over him

david cook became my bet as AI winner from the first elvis song he sang during the top 24... i liked his voice and can't over the fact that he can make an elvis song sound great :) i forgot the title though...

i totally disagreed with simon when he said that david cook didnt have any charisma. heller... does he watch him sing? with those tantalizing eyes which makes me absolutely kilig and that very sultry voice? he does have charisma! (though he looks really old for his age... with the beer belly and the receeding hairline) hehe...

david archuleta is great. but he's just too good to be true and he just has too many fans. usually i go for the underdog hehe. (elliot yamin, doolittle, etc) i think the rumors about his dad didn't help him one bit.

cookie has some album-worthy songs under his belt, with "hello", "billie jean" and "always be my baby". and of cors the new single "time of my life" it's a great song really - not bad for the coronation song. hee :D my friend and i were pretty sure that even if cookie didn't win, he'll still have a hit album.

all in all it was a great season... full of very talented americans singing their hearts out. there were also a lot of twists and turns that kept us on our feet. but yah... i think america did get it right this year :D

okay nuf said... till next season!

(is it me, or did they NOT give ramielle any solo performances yesterday?!)

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