Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my 3 mins of fame...

or so to speak :D

1. when i was in high school, a basketball game between feu and a china team was held in our school gymansium (feu was the best uaap team then, before la salle bwahahahah :D) and since we were COCCs (soon to be CAT officers), we were tasked by our commanders to go and get the signatures of the players (yes ganun kasadista ang commanders namin dati) hehe... while waiting at the sidelines, some reporters took a shot at us and showed our beautiful faces in national tv. (yaks heheh)

2. august 2005 issue of FHM... in the planet woman section, if you look carefully, you'll see my face there. the question was "what is rambo's first name?" i really really didnt know what his first name was. so i made a wild guess. my response was "hhmm i dont know, could it be john?" i thought about john coz it's the most used name in america hahaha. analytical thinking at its best :D you dont believe me? take a look at the photo below :D

3. may 27, 2008 - today, my mom called me to tell me that our pictures by mimi and karl are in the news... lol apparently m+k were interviewed in ANC and our picture were some of the pictures they showed in tv. yahoooooo :D (hahaha nakikisawsaw sa 3 mins of fame nila m+k) hihihihi

ang galing galing tlaga ng M+K... ibang level na! buti na lang we got them nung mura pa lang sila. hahaha kidding guys!

mimi and karl, you sooo deserve all the blessings that you are receiving. you are simply the best!!! kulang na lang wedding bells. yihee yihee *wink*

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