Wednesday, April 09, 2008

thanks mitch...

i forgot to thank mitch (my fellow wawie) for everything she has done for me - she was the one who designed the cover page for our misalette and also created this blog for me:

Kendz (and why I will always love weddings)

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Candy (or Kendz to most people) and Lui got married last Sunday. Judging from Threelogy’s amazing onsite video, it looks like it’s one of the most beautiful weddings that I’ve ever seen (and watched).

Kendz is my co-w@w and co-w@wsg member. She’s very active in the w@w community. She is one of those brides who started her preps early. She has documented almost every step of their wedding preparations. And she’s so nice to her suppliers. Well, she was able to assemble a dream team that most brides would want.

Aside from always remembering her as being kaladkarin (read: she’s always game for any lakad/EB/etc!), she would always be, for me, the happiest and most involved (but never a Bridezilla ha) bride-to-be (and now, bride). Being in touch with her during her wedding preps (even up to the time that she’s in Manila na), up to the her last night as a bachelorette, until her wedding night (like just right after she took a shower-in preparation for her and Lui’s first night as husband and wife-naks! haha)–it was like getting married all over again. Grabe talaga to si Kendz sa preps nya. And when she texted me after her wedding, I knew instantly that it was a big big success.

Kendz will always be a perfect reminder for me of how magical weddings can be. Not just the wedding, but also the highs and lows of preparing for it. That no matter how big or small your wedding is, what matters most is how important this day is to you and the man waiting for you down the aisle. Everytime I see friends, or even strangers, getting married and as happy as Kendz was during her wedding, I will never get tired of all these getting-hitched-hoolahs. It is one of the most beautiful moments a person could have in his entire life. And I’m just so happy I got to have my own share of it, my own walk to remember, like what I always say.

I think there will never come a time that I won’t shed a tear or two whenever I watch a wedding ceremony. Even onsite vids, for that matter. Actually, even if I don’t know the couple, I still get kilig and teary eyed when the bride walks down the aisle and when the groom says his vows. In fact, I believe so much in the magic of weddings that even if I knew that the bride walking down that aisle was a bitch, I’d still feel kilig towards her and her groom.

A week or so after our wedding in 2006, Jun and I went to Manaoag to offer our prayers. Whenever I’m back Home, I would always go there to pray and make a wish, just like how my Papa taught us. During this particular visit, there was a wedding, a 50th wedding anniversary at that. And though the "grandma bride" can barely walk, and the "grandpa groom" had a complete set of ultra-white dentures, plus the fact that they really had an awful shade of yellow as their motif…well, the whole thing still made me kilig just the same. ..

Kendz and Lui, all the best to you both! And may you both love each other even after your own 50th wedding anniversary, where Kendz can barely walk and Lui has his own set of ultra-white dentures.

thanks ulit mitch!! see you sa sat!


Rhaf and Joann said...

Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog, grabe it took me 4 hours (in between working, hehe) to finish reading your entries regarding wedding preps, suppliers review & your wedding day itself. I discovered your blog through mimi + karl website (i visit their site everyday & i never get tired of viewing their beautiful pics), including your pre-nup session in bohol. =) I can so much relate to your feelings during your preps & "the moment" jitters (I recently got married last May 2007). I must agree with you that your wedding is indeed a success. Just by looking at the beautiful photos & details of your wedding (from the reception design, lights, wedding gown, make-up, bridal shoes, to wedding paraphernalias) & reading your comments on how you've felt that special day, I can just imagine how wonderful that day was. Your entries made me smile & I'm also reminded of the feelings I've felt during my special day. =)

Mitchie said...

you're most welcome kendz! haha kita ko pic nung misals haha :0 take care always and all the best to you and Lui!

Candy :) said...

hi joann, or is it rhaf? :) thank you so much for the wonderful comments. it makes me (and lui) smile whenever we hear great things about our wedding... 2 years in the making and yet, we can never get enough of our wedding (and preps) hehe parang bitin pa nga e! :) thank you tlaga... i know your wedding was a success as well. best wishes and congratulations! :)