Tuesday, April 08, 2008

thank yous...

it's been more than a month since our wedding and i guess i have put off this blog as much as i can (i didnt mean to... siguro i just didnt want to let go yet hehe feeling kinakasal pa din)

anyway, this is our thank you list... i should have thanked all these people during the wedding but due to an unforeseen circumstance (thanks to threelogy hehehe) i wasnt able to deliver my speech hahaha :)

so here goes...

from the bottom of our hearts... we would like to sincerely thank the following people for helping make our wedding such a success: (in no particular order)

1. to our parents - thanks for the support. and for being there for us - especially to my mom and dad... thanks for enduring one whole day together. i know it was very weird being at the same place after more than 15 days... but you came and you were civil to each other..:)

2. my bro and his family - thank you for coming all the way from Los Angeles... thank you for bringing my wonderful nieces with you. thank you thank you.

3. my relatives from davao - thank you for coming to my wedding. i wanted you to be there and you were. thankyou.

4. kuya vincent (lui's bro) - thanks for the 2 cebu lechons hehe

5. cristina (lui's sis) - thanks for sponsoring a part of our honeymoon... thanks for funding the red envelopes for the entourage... thanks for helping make the misalettes. bawi ako sa wedding mo promise.

6. catherine (my sis) - thanks for sponsoring the two pritchons, thanks for always driving me to veluz' shop, thanks for funding my surprise bridal shower

7. my cousin enricon and his wife (of gallery 7) - thank you for your gift. it was really nice. i loved the photo quilt.

8. my friend abigael enriquez - for the wonderful clique envelopes... i loved it. love you. thank you very muchhhh!

9. friends / entourage:
jean, che and aimee - thank you for coming to the philippines from all over the world and being part of our wedding. i really really appreciate it. thanks to che and aimee for my bridal shower, singapore chapter

randy and plong - thanks for flying in from davao! :)

10. my MOH louise - thank you for all the support and for always telling me the truth. :) thanks for the wonderful bridal shower! super duper touched ako.

11. mama benz - thank you for the gifts. the unity coins and the super cute thumbdrives :) and thanks for always making me feel like a wawie :) thanks for coming to the wedding!!!

12. mother in law - for sponsoring josiah's :)

13. tita vilma - for taking the time to make the souvenirs... thank thank you. hehe little do the guests know, imported ata yun. hehe straight from texas!

14. my wawsg family - thanks for all the support girls... i really really love this group! thank you thank you thank you for being there for me though thick and thin (we even had badminton games to help me lose weight hahaah)

15. to all the suppliers - i can never get tired of thanking you guys... thanks so much for all the wonderful things you have done for our wedding! super duper thank you po... if i have to repeat my wedding, i would not choose a different supplier. not one. :)

16. ninongs and ninangs - for all the gift you have given us.... thank you.

17. our friends - who came to share the special day with us... thank you. (shout out to my barkada for wearing suits! hehe)

18. clarice - yes, special mention. we really appreciate all you have done for us. we know our wedding wouldnt be such a success without you. thank you for everything. miss you!

19. auntie meiling - for the 2nd set of rings... astig ang rings... we're saving it for special occassions :)

20. ninong yupiton - thanks for lending us your beemer :) i felt so proud riding such nice set of wheels :) thanks for throwing in the driver with it! hahaha.

21. auntie virgie - for coming all the way from Los Angeles and for the diamond bracelet :)

22. my bestfriend dave - thanks for being such a sport :)

23. emil, my friend - thanks for commentating :) super gratitude your way. :)

hhmmm did i leave anyone out... i really hope not.

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