Tuesday, March 18, 2008

canon nikon canon nikon canon nikon

i can't decide :(

planning to give my old 350D to my sister as her bday gift (hehe cheapskate i know hahaha)

i decided to NOT buy the coach bag but to upgrade my cam instead. im more of a techie than a girly girly person hahaha... (maybe next time bwahahaha)

now im torn between canon 30D or 40D and nikon D80...canon coz i got some lenses that i can still use. sayang din naman. nikon coz i really think the picture quality (in terms of color is really better)

help me!! steph? mitch? karen? carlo? mimi? karl? wanda? any suggestions?! (hehe)

muni muni...


Forever Yang said...

Canon 40D is relatively newer among the models you mentioned. but yeah, it's really a battle between brand a and brand b. kaya hindi pa ako nag-uupgrade up to now... di rin kasi ako makadecide hahaha

Michelle said...

Naku, biased kami ni Jun dahil Nikonian kami hehehe... Nasasayangan naman ako sa mga canon lens mo though...

uuuuyyyy, jan na si lui??