Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mang Boy Mahusay

Mang Boy Mahusay (dangwa) - Recommended

Invitations and flowers were the least priority for me. I know I know… it’s kinda weird since most bride will pay a lot of moolah for their bouquet. But not me… I don’t know. Im just not picky with flowers… almost all flowers, I like (except tulips, stargazer). So im not willing to pay a lot for the flowers.

I was so excited about our bouquet because it took me and Clarice a long time to conceptualize my bouquet (mine lang kasi the entou si Clarice na nagdesign hehehe). I told Clarice I wanted a red/yellow/orange bouquet. She suggested which flowers will go well and I took her word for it.

When we went for the mockup, I was so happy on how the bouquet looked! Even Lui was happy that he was willing to pay additional for the ecuador roses!!! Dami nga kumuha ng pics nung bouquet ko because it really looked nice.

But sadly… we didn’t get the same bouquet during our wedding :( It’s because the shipment of orange ecuador roses werent that nice daw. Gusto ko maiyak nung kinakausap ako ni clarice… minsan na lang nga ako humiling, di pa napagbigyan. Sigh… so we had to make do with the pink-orange carnations…

It didn’t look as nice as the mockup bouquet, but for me, oki pa din naman kinalabasan. Sabi lang ng friend ko, wala daw wow factor. Oh well, as the old adage goes: you get what you paid for.

But looking back, I think I should have gotten some sort of refund because I doubt the carnations cost as much as the ecuador roses. Oh well. Huhuhu.

But the flowers lasted till reception naman… medyo lanta lanta na lang nga. Pero di pa din naman halata sa pics.

The entou flowers were really nice though. Ganda sa pics. Medyo namassacre lang nga ng mga flowergirls yung hair dress nila saka pomander! Hahaha

Hayy… moving on…

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