Sunday, December 16, 2007

no men allowed!

this afternoon, we had our first ever "ladies only lunch out". (sorry pelo and plip, next time na lang kayo)

our initial plan is to go to conrad hotel or some hotel to have buffet lunch (our dream dream haha) but we found out that all the hotels here in singapore increased their prices because of the christmas season. a lunch buffet in conrad costs 70++sgd! wtf!!!

so this morning, after discussing with che and the other pretty ladies our options, i suggested that we go to this japanese buffet that i went to last year. i remember that it was affordable and the food was great. so after getting the majority vote, che, aimee, glenda, tet, lara and myself, all headed down to suntec city to have lunch at kuichin bo.

grabe what can i say?! super sarap! i was sooooo full. hahaha we were there from 11:30 to around 3pm. they had a lot of selection (tempura, sashimi, maki, sushi and DESSERTS). sobrang sulit tlaga. we paid around 32sgd per person. pero i tell you, it's really worth your money.

but the best thing about our lunch out is that we got to bond with each other. all the kwentos, advises from glenda, kakulitan and everything :) it's such a breath of fresh air not having to check yourself because of the 'guys' hahaha. sarap nyong pagkwentuhan! joke :)

anyway ladies, til next time. hope next time, matuloy na hotel natin. :) (at sana next time merong kumuha ng picture natin! hehehe)

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