Tuesday, December 18, 2007


i am feeling disappointed and stressed.

how come im the only one feeling the urgency for our wedding? i can feel from some suppliers that they still think my wedding is ages away! which is not the case, as we only have 39 days to go!!! i think it's because we booked them so long ago that they still think that our wedding is one and a half years away! this is sooo disappointing. we did not start our preps early just to be caught cramming at the final leg of our wedding preps...

for one thing... our invites. as of date of writing, i still havent gotten the final revised invitation yet. that means, our invites have NOT been printed yet. to think that we went to Unifair last August to choose the design, and sent the entou list mid-Oct. the first draft, i only received 2nd of December, hindi pa namin marereceive if fellow wawie Cathee hadnt called Unifair to inquire. im worried coz ill only be in the phils from dec 22 to jan 1. and if we dont receive the invites by dec 27 (latest dec 28) - which by the way is next week already, we wont have time to distribute them! my next trip to phils will be in jan 16 na!!! i am not pointing fingers. i am just stating a fact.


marriage license - partly our fault. but yah, we still dont have our marriage license yet. we're working on it now but we could have done this last november when we went home!

stress brings out the bad in me - i can feel thebridezilla in me creeping out. i am very very nitty gritty especially when it comes to deadlines. i get stressed when i dont meet deadlines. that's how i am towards work and that's how i am towards life.

im also a worrier. the fact that i sometimes feel, that i am the only one worrying about our wedding, makes me worry more! i am having nightmares each night. tskkk :(

oh well, we'll see. ill try to lay-off a bit. let's see if any progress will be made.


neva said...

nakow kendz! i hear ya!! feeling ko rin ako lang ang na-s-stress sa preps ko. everyone keeps telling me may time pa na i shouldn't be rushing into things. hello...wala pa akong gown kaya! hahaha! haay i'm rooting for you kendz, hope maayos na agad invites and marriage license nyo!

Candy :) said...

hay naku sis, thank you. you just made me feel like im not alone :) im trying not to think about the wedding na nga e. trying but very hard to do. :(