Thursday, September 20, 2007

i miss my mom's cooking.. :(

went through my picasa album and realized that i havent posted new pics for so long! need to update it soon...

anyway, i came across the pics i took last december when i celebrated christmas in manila and saw this:

lui and my sis devouring the food!

close up on the food

grabe my tummy literally growled when i saw these pictures... nakakamiss... nakakagutom... nakakalungkot. i wanna go home!!!

sigh :( oh well, a few more months and im in manila na! (hope i can last that long)


Michelle said...

Oh my, I'd give up my arm for those pork BBQ!!!!! yummmmeeeeeee!!!! bbq with hot rice!!! yummeee!!!

Michelle said...


make that with extra rice!!!


Candy :) said...

ahehehe ako din yun gusto ko. uwah!!! saka ung tanghun ni mama :(

~currant7 said...

few more months to go...:)

naku - i thought my blog photos would make you iyo - buong spread! sarap!!!