Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wedding Kwento - June 07 Visit

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im back from the phils!!! hay nako sobrang bitin nung bakasyon ko. :(

anyway, i was supposed to NOT do any preps during this break because i just wanted to stay at home and rest... but it's all good coz im soo happy naman with what had transpired during the last three days... :)

first, i met clarice in shangrila edsa last june 8... we went through all the details once again. sabi nga ni clarice pasencya kung makulit gusto lang daw nya mapulido yung details. actually i was the one who came unprepared. because there were some questions i didnt have responses to. hehehe... sabi nga ni clarice "busy ka na no? hehehe" well yah.hahaha and the fact that i didnt bring my files... hihi. sobrang hilo pa ako nun. sobrang init as in suuupeer...

then we went to metrowalk to meet roland (ronald?) of balay kandila.sabi ni clarice she contacted jun hen, april and karen, teddy manuel and balay. but only balay responded... well, oki.... anyway, sobrang natuwa ako kay roland. medyo natatameme lang ako kasi medyo scary syang tao. hahaha. naiintimidate ako! hihi... but the sketches he made for the backdrop as well as the centerpieces, super nice. pero mahal. :( in the middle of his sketching, he was interrupted by clarice telling him "meron po kaming budget ha" hahaha kasi naman from what he was sketching, i can feel sweat trickling down my forehead. i can see all the $$$ that we have to shell out but as i said i was so intimidated i couldn't talk hahahaha! good thing clarice was there. pero it was all so pretty. i want tlaga. :( sigh have to check the budget muna...

june 9, clarice set an appointment with eddie bruan for my trial makeup. grabe i was soo excited! this is it na. do or die. hahaha... i wasnt familiar with rockwell area so clarice volunteered to pick me up at starbucks rockwell and drop me at eddie's. :) bait diba? hehehe...sobrang lapit lang pala nung shop ni eddie sa rockwell! hahaha. :) anyway, regarding eddie bruan, sobrang nice nung makeup nya. medyo makapal lang ata (i think) but everybody loved it! including my mom. my mom kasi wasnt too happy with the trial i had with angie. super simple daw. kasi i usually wear makeup and she said, parang kaya ko daw gawin yun (o diva, hahaha makeup artist na pala ako). but kay eddie, sobrang gandang ganda si mama sabi nya mukha na daw tlaga akong bride. hihihi...

teka wento ko lang experience ko with eddie :) first when we got to the shop, he asked his assistant to prep my hair na and all his makeup was displayed in front me so i did a quick browse. (pakialamera ang lola hahaha) grabe super high-end ng mga makeup nya. as in. chanel,awake, shu, id bare essentuals, mac, lahat high end tlaga!!! ang lowend nya lang ata is yung body shop eyeshadow and yung maybelline mascara nya. yun lang! ang galing. but i guess the thing i liked most about eddie is, super bango ng hands nya. as in!!! sobrang nice kasi feeling mo malinis yung nagaayos sayo. plus sobrang gaan ng kamay! he plucked my eyebrows and i didnt feel a thing!!! galing. hehe... and when he was putting on the foundation, hindi ko na feel na parang binabanat yung mukha ko hahaha... and the foundation he used was just right. although medyo maputi kapag may flash ang gamit. ganun ba talga yun?? nakaktawa nga kasi he brought out his super big camera (natalopa yung 350D ko) and he kept taking shots! hehehe. kakatawa tlaga. para akong nasa studio. :) i had my own camera din so he took turns. one for his cam then another take for mine. hehehe funny tlaga!!! oh,and he is a perfectionist... kasi naman, when his assistant did my hair the first time, medyo magulo cya... curly curly sa likod. he didnt like it, so he personally redid my hair! hahaha sabi nya ayaw daw nya mapahiya kapag pinost ko yung pics sa website. hahaha :) kakatawa tlaga cya. sobrang bait.

i was at eddie's from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. o diba ang tagal!!! hahaha

june 10 - clarice invited me to visit one of her weddings so that i can taste the cake of alex and to check out na din yung setup nila balay. it was in century restaurant (fellow sis wawie, ganda ng wedding mo! hehehe). i went there with my sister, and we were both surprised and delighted with what we saw... grabe super ganda ng century! pwede palang gumanda ng ganun yun. hehehe... ang galing ng balay!!!

i also met threelogy (the whole group) and super nice nila, especially cj! super kulit. hehehe.. so funny. si bong, medyo tahimik lang... i understand naman coz he's doing the avp ata. then si jon, hahaha inaasar ni cj kasi di nya ako matandaan and he was the only one from the trio that i actually met. :)

alex franco was also there, eto lang masasabi ko HE IS SUPER DUPER NICE. as in super. walang ka ere-ere. he was even a bit worried coz he didnt bring anything with him. sbi ko naman, it wasnt his fault coz it was really last minute. hehe. then he gave me his calling card and told me to text him so that we can meet on aug. :) super niceeee as in suuuupppeeerrr! hahaha and he was kidding around with cj. sobrang aliw sila tingnan.

oh! i even met THE dino lara! grabe sobrang hiyang hiya ako. coz he remembered that i was the one who asked him for pics of 1esplanade.hahaha... sabi nga nya sino ba ang ibibill ko. naku po. hahaha. but he's really serious. tahimik lang cya... pero i saw his avp. grabe sobrang galing!! iba tlaga si dino lara... :)

mom was also there. but she and my sis took turns because we broughtmy baby doggie with us :) so they took turns going in and out the century restaurant :) si clarice sobrang kakatawa, kasi hinatak nya simom papunta sa harap e si mom sobrang mahiyain hahahaha! pero oki daw si clarice sabi nya kasi sobrang bubbly daw. hahahaha.

that visit was so nice. :) i enjoyed being able to talk to the suppliers and actually see them in action. ang galing... :)

hay dito na lang muna. sobrang haba na tlaga nito. hehe. ill post some pics in my blog soon. :)
thanks for your time!!!

ohh!! i forgot to add! im already confirmed! hehehe sobrang bilis langpala sa san miguel. kakatawa yung pari kasi wala akong marinig sakanya... pero ha ang mahalll!!! P600! yikes. pero at least that's overand done with na :) yun lang po.


~currant7 said...

cute naman ng story mo!
man...can't believe you are one of the lucky ones to get dino...love this guy's work!


happy preps!

Candy :) said...

hi che! naku... di po ko dino lara. mimi and karl ako. :) super galing ni dino lara, but expensive, di kaya ng budget. :) hehe


Tarabusaw said...

asan yung picture mo nung may make-up ka na? hehehe... grabe! 3hours ka dun?!? shucks, ganun ba talaga katagal makeup-an ang babae? anyway, naeexcite na rin ako para sa'yo kendz... grabe! ikakasal ka na talaga! advanced best wishes!!! alam ko namang magiging masaya ka sa panibagong kabanata ng buhay mo... huhuhu (ian teary-eyed). hehehe... drama no!