Saturday, December 02, 2006

being alone and my love-hate relationship

i think for the first time since i moved to singapore, im left home alone. as philip said, i am usually the one who leaves behind my housemates (to go back to the phils) but now, the tables have turned, they are away and im here all alone. buhuhu... the house is too quiet...

actually it's not that bad. now i can walk around the house in nothing but my shirt and underwear! (well have to make sure to close the curtains or my neighbors may get a free show! ngehehe) im planning to clean up the house tom. hopefully i dont get lazy... hihi my things are all over the place. even I am finding the place too messy! hihi... have to clean up. planning to hold a party next week. ;p

friday night is movie night!!! :) i think for the past few weeks / months, we've been alloting our fridays to gimik or to movies. which is perfectly fine with me. i need time, even a couple of hours, to take my mind off work. hay... so tiring. so tired already! anyway, i just came from the movie house with pelo, glenda and philip. we watched open season! it's so funny... :) i think it's better than happy feet though happy feet is cuter! cute cute!!!
i have this love-hate relationship... with my SHOES! as ive said i bought two pairs of shoes. and ghad! they hurt!!! huhuhu my feet still sting from wearing the nicest-shoes-ive-ever-bought-in-my-entire-life. wehehe... not that my feet are bleeding or anything... i guess after wearing nothing but slippers for the past few months, my feet are bound to protest! hihi... nice no? this is my pa-cute shoes... the other one is my "work" shoes.

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Anonymous said...

ummm... ok yung naman yung new pair of shoes mo... hehe cute :)
pero mukhang hirap ternohan eh???? mukha ngang mahirap suotin hehehe mwah! love you. btw i watched happy feet din.. cute sila especially yung mexicans ng penguins hehehe kulit :) mwah! >>lui