Sunday, December 10, 2006

goodbye... :(

i heard the terrible news yesterday from Margarita. I was dreading that moment because i knew a text from marge at that hour could only mean one thing. and i was right...

for two days or so, being true to my optimistic self, i thought that everything will be better. i convinced myself that nothing will go wrong... that judy will be able to get over this. that she'll wake from her coma and we'll still see her cheerful and welcoming smile. but i was wrong... Judy was declared dead at 10pm on Dec 8. I was shocked. i was so devastated...

Judy and I went to the same university. We belonged to the same block... Block2. We were together in some of the classes and we really clicked. though she and i belonged to different circles of friends, i can honestly say that she was a good friend of mine.

I remember i used to copy her notes and her homework and even her testpapers. She's too nice not to let me. She's like that, she doesnt have a mean bone on her... She was smart, funny, cheerful, very friendly and fun to be with... And she was my best customer. i think she had bought at least 3 cellphones from me. I will fondly remember that.

but now, now judy is gone. i will never be able to see her ever again. i wasnt even able to visit her during her last moments, i wasnt there to reach out a comforting hand when she found out... i wasnt even able to help out because i was too busy. :(

judy, though we might not be that close, please know that i have always considered you as my friend. you are truly a wonderful person. and you will surely be missed... :( we love you judy. thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us. thank you for being a part of our lives. you will always be remembered...

goodbye judai... :'(

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