Monday, October 30, 2006


okay... i've been back in singapore for almost a week and still havent updated my blog. i know my teddy bear is already waiting for my own account of our villa escudero trip (plus pics) but i cant seem to make time to update this blog!

things to watch out for in this blog... (coming soon)

1. my trip back to the phils (again) hehe... well, at the rate im going, i think i wont miss anyone anymore. (not really)
2. my trial makeup with angie (with comments)
3. our food tasting with josiahs (yum!!!!!!!)
4. our villa escudero trip (love you teddy!)
5. my first try of Macapagal's dampa (yum na naman!!!)
6. Christian Bautista in SG (mmmmmmeeeeeeeeelllllllttttttttt)
7. a singapore wedding

and a whole lot more! :) drop by in a day or two. i promise ill update with pics pa! :)

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Anonymous said...

excited na me... hehe lalng kc most of ur up coming blogs nadun me hehehehe gusto masali sa kwento hahaha :) love you po mwah! >lui