Sunday, October 08, 2006

my newest toy! :)


finally finally finally! i got my dream toy... my new DSLR! my new canon 350D! :) (okay i know i just got my nikon koolpix not so long ago, but i cant help it... im a wannabe photographer! hihi)

i wanted to get an SLR for as long as i can remember! but i was always thinking of how much it will cost me... but i finally gave in to my urge. i just think that if i dont get it now, when will i get it? i might as well take advantage of the purchasing power that i have now. hehehe

today, i bought my 350D using Philip's credit card! (my card is already maxed out since i was in malaysia for one month and i had to pay for the hotel) the best thing about it is that i bought it for one year installment... so nd masyadong mabigat sa bulsa. :)

i cant wait to try out some shots... right now, still charging the battery. wah! tomorrow ill try to take some pics.

package includes: mem card reader, 2pcs 1gb CF card, 1 batt, 1 lens, 1 tripod, 1 screen protector, and 1 bag

total cost: priceless hihi..

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Anonymous said...

haha...alam ko na kung magkano...palusot pa kayo ha!