Sunday, October 15, 2006

Food tripping with my EOS350D :D

went out this afternoon to finally try the famous singapore laksa! my friend Sandra Tan couldn't believe that i havent tried it yet, so she insisted that we try it this weekend. it was really nice of her to go out of her way to show us where we can try good laksa! :)

i was so excited i forgot to take a picture before i started digging in, hence, the not so appetizing shot. hehe

the laksa was good, a combination of curry and coconut milk. i actually liked it, but i dont think i will be eating it often, once a month will be more than enough! hehehe have to watch the diet. :D

we also tried the rojak. i kinda like it especially the one with the dough stick. crunchy! hehe

BUT i think that the highlight of the day is the super yummy ice cream that we had! sandra discovered this ice cream store and she promised us that it was really really good, and she didnt lie. hay heaven!!! :) the store only sells one flavor of ice cream and cake! can you guesss what flavor? CHOCOLATE! yummy tlaga! yum yum. very creamy and very chocolatey! you just have to eat it slowly to savour the taste. anyone who would like to try, please head out to katong plaza. the restaurant's name is Awfully Chocolate! go. now na!

instead of putting the ice cream in a cone or cup, they serve it in a chinese take out box! cute right? i tried getting a good shot, but the ice cream is a bit low. next time will order two scoops. :) naku!

been reading the manual for my camera. taken some shots of my favorite subject (hi philip) but i guess i have a long way to go. i still cant get the shot that i want! huhuhu...


Anonymous said...

Ganda ng mga picture ah! :) yun nga lang nahahalata mahilig kumain hehehe! mwah! nxt tym sama u me dyan ha sa sunod na visit ko sa singapore k? love you >>>lui

aslee nino said...

nakakainis prang ansarap sarap!!!waaaahhh san yan sis?!? i wana taste also, i have sweet tooth as in!!! ganda ng mga kuha ng new bebe toy mo :)

aslee nino said...

nakakainis prang ang sarap sarap!!! san yan!?!? ganda ng mga shots, kakatakam un fud grabe! galing galing ng new bebe toy mo hehe :)