Monday, December 07, 2009

my mrt experience

last friday, i went to megamall to catch the 6:15pm body jam class... honestly, i haven't been to the gym the whole week because i was anxious of going home late and frightened that i wont be able to get a cab home.

but i forcefully motivated (is there such a thing?) myself to hit the gym and told myself to worry about my ride home afterwards.

fast forward to 8pm - i tried to get a cab for almost 30 minutes but to no avail (as expected). sooooo i decided to brave the mrt going home. *gulp*

so here are some thoughts i had when i took the mrt home for the first time in more than 6 years:
1. where is that damn escalator? - have you been to the ortigas mrt? have you been up the stairs! the stairs hmm what can i say? i think saying that it was high is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! i was puffing and fuming when i finally reached the top! buti na lang i was still wearing my rubber shoes. if not, my feet would have already cried "foul!".

2. what's with people and with moving to the end of the cabin? - i noticed that people congregated in the middle of the cabin near the door EVENTHOUGH THERE WERE ENOUGH SPACE TO FIT AT LEAST 5 PEOPLE IN THE FARTHER SIDE OF THE CABIN!!! getting into the cabin was really really a challenge! i basically had to push and shove people away just to get in! it doesnt help when a *chubby* girl has to go in with a HUGE gym bag!!!

3. what do you need the holders / handles for? - it was so packed inside the cabin that i barely moved from the same spot at all! i wasnt holding on to anything but it really didnt make a difference :) you can use other people's body as barricade hehe. thank God mababango ang pinoy di tulad sa singapore! thank God for that talaga! :D

in fairness, i arrived in magallenes station in 10-15mins time :) where my loving husband picked me up and took me on a jeepney ride back home. hahaha commuter tlaga kung commuter ang drama ko :D

all in all it was a very enlightening experience :p will i do it again? definitely... i still have 80 pesos on my mrt pass :)

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