Monday, February 02, 2009

January 27, 2008

it's been a year... a year of joy and tears and love :)

cant believe how time flies... parang kelan lang i was preparing for our wedding, now we're one year na!!! :)

it had truly been a wonderful year. i still can't believe how easy it had been. i guess when you're really meant for each other, you dont need to try hard to be happy with each other.

so to my dearest pa-b, i love you for so many reasons but mainly i love you because:
- you are my laughter when the world seems like hell
- you bring out the child in me :) ang kulit natin pare!
- you are my sounding board whenever i want to scream
- you wait for me on those nights that i had to stay late at work
- you always hug me when i am down; actually you always hug rregardless if im down or not hahahaha
- you take care of me and treat me like a princess even if you say you won't :P
- you make me get away with almost everything
- you say i am beautiful and mean it - i can be at my ugliest but you still see the beauty in me :)

I can't believe that i can love you more than the way i loved you on the day i married you... but I do. I love you thousand times more now and will love you million times more :)

here's to more happy moments, more travels and a new house! :) and hopefully a baby soon ;)

xoxo.... ma-b :)

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