Tuesday, May 06, 2008

IRON MAN - wooowww!!!!

okay, compared to jenn, i am a Marvel person. hehe tomboyish kasi ako when i grew up and i always watch marvel cartoons - iron man, hulk, superman, spiderman, spiderwoman, batman, fantastic 4, name it, i've watched it... favorite ko nga dati as in super favorite is x-men :) (sabi ko nga tomboy ako!)

when i found out that iron man was showing soon, i was neutral. let's face it, there are some marvel flops here and there. but when i found out that ROBERT DOWNEY JR. was portraying iron man! OMG! i have to watch this! :D

i love Robert Downey... i find him hot and fantastic, from his movie with that catchy song "walk like a man, talk like a man" (sorry forgot the title of the movie), to his mtv with elton john :) i looove him! sayang lang naging drugista cya :(

anyway, what is my verdict over IRON MAN? FANTASTIC!!!!! one of the best... i think it is a tie with transformers for the best movie watched for the year. (miles and miles away from forbidden kingdom which is a disappointment for me).

watch it!!!! it's soooo worth the money. :)

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