Wednesday, May 14, 2008

im soo torn...

i want to get a new lens but can't decide which one to get :(

i'm drooling over the nikon 80-200 f2.8 but shit, it costs a whopping S$1,100 brand new! lui is telling me to get it as he know i really really want it. BUT at the back of my head, i still have doubts since i dont know if im that good a photographer to get this very nasty lens :( parang wala pa ata akong karapatan :( plus, it's not cheap!!!

but if i get a cheaper lens now (18-200 VR, 55-200 VR or 70-300VR) i might regret it in the future naman...

what do you think? which should i get?! time's a ticking... we'll be heading off to hong kong tom. sighs... decide decide decide.

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