Sunday, April 27, 2008

trip galore :)

im sooo happy. we've finally decided to go abroad! (the decision was pushed by the fact that i can't take leave from june to december because of a project... arghhh) hehe i love travelling. must be the fact that im a saguittarius :)

so this labor day, we're heading to malacca! :) booked the bus ticket as well as the hotel :) it's near singapore, around 3 + hours? we're staying for two nights and hoping to get loads of good pics :)

on vesak long weekend, we're flying off to hongkong :) staying there from may 15th to 20th :) hoping to visit disneyland, ocean park, macau and buy some camera stuff as well. (camera gears are cheaper there) and of course, loads of shopping! :) we still need to look for a hotel though (suggestions?)

well, that's all for may... hihihi... we really wanted to go to perth but the air tix are so expensive! we'll wait for another promo or the next travel fair :)

i still want to visit bangkok, phuket, perth, melbourne, us in the coming year or two :) good thing i have lui with me. hehe my forever travel companion :)

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