Tuesday, April 01, 2008

halo halong post

i have so many things that i want to blog about for the past few weeks but havent got the chance to do so...

1. our 3rd anniversary... yes we're cheesy that way. we still celebrate our anniversary (as boyfriend and girlfriend) just because we want to. hehe anyway, last march 24, we went to vivo city and had a grand time taking shots and pictures. :) (that's my ideal date hahahaha!) we also watched "Vantage Point" which for me is a good enough movie. I was practically at the edge of my seat for most of the movie. hehe. We topped the whole day with dinner at Hog's Breath... my verdict? the carbs were great hahaha... their mashed potato is out of this world!!! the fries that came with the fish was also awesome! :D ohhh the potato skins in the appetizer was great as well. yum yum yum... the steak itself was so-so - they recommeded medium-rare but we had it meduim-well hahaha maybe that's why it's a bit hard to chew. but tasty still. slurp. hehehe... (we never got to eat the fish and chips, we were full from the appetizer and steak alone)

2. maroon 5 concert - AWESOME!!!! ASTIG!!!! GRABEEEEEEE!!!! omg... that concert just re-confirmed my love for this band... they are totally awesome. okay... they are good in their album but believe me... you have to be there to REALLY get how talented they are! OMG the drummer just blew me away.... he was totally awesome... ang galing galing nya!!! and dont let me get started on the guitarist! grabe... anu ba yun.... amazing hands. amazing amazing amazing... and the keyboardist (is that what you call him?) is just so talented as well... he can play the keyboard AND the guitar AND the drums and did I mention he's cute?! hehehe... but i guess the hottest of them all is the singer... didnt know that someone in plain white shirt and skinny jeans can be so damn hot!!! hahahaha. (dont worry i told lui and he just laughs at me bwahahaha) i loved that concert. it just tops all of the concert i've ever watched!

3. i'm sooo not looking forward to something right now. i can just feel it... it just makes all my warning bells go off... it's about work and im sooo doomed.

4. for the past few months i've been thinking about going to another country to work. lui is so supportive. he says he'll go with me wherever i want to go. (diba sweet) but i still have a lot of decision-making and pro/con reviewing before making that big decision. but my feet is itching. i just dont know if i'll scratch it.

5. i love my nikon!!! skill needs more practice though. :D hehehe...

that's all for now. byers!


Michelle said...

happy happy!!! hahah! how was your shoot yesterday?

neva said...

uuuy kendz!!! naka post wedding pics nyo sa blog nina mimi!!!