Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shrine of Jesus

Shrine of Jesus – Highly Recommended

Also considered: San Agustin Church

We went through a lot of pain and sleepless nights because of SOJ. But in the long run, I think it was all worth it. Just hearing the “oohhsss” and “aaahhhs” of the people in the church when the church door opened made me forget all the tears I cried because of SOJ. Hehe. That door was my main reason for getting the church. I loved how it looked in videos and photos. Hehehe. Mahangin din sa church… I think only my brother said it was hot in the church. Can’t blame him since he came from US and he’s wearing a tux in the church hehehe. The rest said it was windy and spacious… heehee

I like the structure of the church din cause it’s very clean and really looks elegant. Ganda for pictorials.

The only thing about SOJ is that they are super strict. As in super… Even 2 days before the wedding, we were having problems. Kasi my mom’s name in my birth certificate includes her chinese name. However, my baptismal and confirmation name only says her christian name and surname. So they asked us to go and have it changed. Arggghhh. Kainis… but at least they allowed us to process the papers after the wedding na. sighs.

If you’re also looking for shots that are up close during the mass (ring shot, etc), SOJ is definitely not for you. They have restrictions… I could see Threelogy and M&K just standing on the side…parang may invisible line that is preventing them to come close. Medyo mahirap talaga.

And the aisle isn’t that long… so if you’re looking for a long walk, again, SOJ is not for you…

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