Tuesday, December 04, 2007

party party party! part2

so... after ng W@W Christmas Party, we had our very own party here in Singapore... W@Wsg style. hahaha :)

We had our W@Wsg party last Sunday (Dec3). though it was a bit of short notice (cos i forgot to send followup emails) we still had a good number of couples who attended the party... sad part is kami kami na lang ulit.. there were no newbies who attended... sighs... :(

We didn't have Josiahs Catering, but we hadKusina de Pinoy and Mitchie's alfredo! :) hahaha sorry for the lack of pictures... Medyo nagkalimutan na kasi sa gutom bwahahaha...

We also didn't have Alex Franco Cake or Joy San Gabriel or Sugarbox cakes... but we had Prima Deli' scurmptous cake(which btw, is now banned in Singapore due to food poisoning issues wahahaha swerte lang kami at good batch yung nakuha namin! yikes)
We may also not have Dino Lara or Jayson Arquiza, but we still had our own version of prenups :)

Wala nga si Kite sa party namin, nandito naman si baby DJ hahaha :)

All in all, it was a blast! :) We had super fun taking pictures and kwentuhan. Si Jon nga sumasakit na daw ang panga! hahaha jon, eto ba yung nakakatawa na pic? :) LOL

please visit this link for the complete set of pics : pictures


Michelle said...

ahahahah!!!! i love this entry!

natatawa talaga ko sa "unano" shot ko! what the hell possessed me to do that!

Candy :) said...

hahaha ewan ko ba sayo mitch. but it was a blast... everyone enjoyed that moment :)