Thursday, December 20, 2007

our very late "save-the-date"

yes, i know that i will raise some eyebrows by sending out our save-the-dates just today. im sorry, but it's the only thing i can think of in order to do some damage control (or to prepare for a worst case scenario for that matter).

i have an inkling that our invites wont come out on time. call it intuition, call it being paranoid, but i really think we wont receive our invites this december. so, instead of doing nothing (which is not my thing) i made our save the date today.

due to lack of time, i made a very simple one. just to be able to send out something to tell our friends that indeed, we are getting married. LOL. im not an expert and it's my first time to do a DIY so please, don't criticize too much hahaha. :)

thanks to jayson arquiza for the great shot!!!


Lorna said...

ganda kendz! simple pero rock!...errr..i mean simple yet elegant...ahehehe.lapit ka na..=D

Candy :) said...

thanks lorna! naku sobrang last min yan. buti na lang at maganda kinalabasan (ahem buhat ng sariling bangko ahehehe) musta preps? miss ko na kau!!!

Mitchie said...

kendz, ang ganda ng STD mo :) lovet!