Thursday, December 06, 2007

between your legs

galing kay mitch... the objective is to come up with movie titles that will go well with "Between Your Legs". Im telling you, ka-addict!!!

Cindy :- Rush Hour Between Your Legs

Patrick :- Gone with the wind Between your legs

Carl :- Finding Nemo Between your legs

Damian:- Mad MAx Between your legs

David:- Armageddon Between your legs

Andre: - 300 Between your legs

Trace: - Dirty Dancing Between your legs...

Amy: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Between Your Legs

Jordy: Midnight Express Between your legs

Joshua: Training Day Between your legs

Callie: Cruel Intentions Between your Legs

Tom: Final Fantasy Between your legs

Garrett: The Abyss Between your legs

Scotty: Groundhog Day Between Your Legs

Flash: Blow between your legs

Brett : 48 Hours Between Your Legs

Belinda: The Fly between your legs

Belinda: The Lost Boys between your legs

Elle : Gladiator between your legs!

Dan: I Know What You Did Last Summer between your legs!

Lisa: The Incredible Hulk Between your legs

Daniel: Saw Between your legs

Al: Curse of the Golden Flower Between your legs

Evette: Ed Wood Between Your Legs

Ava: 24 Hour Party People Between Your Legs

Jovan: The Thing Between Your Legs

Herb: Stardust Between Your Legs

Lette: Everything is Illuminated Between Your Legs

Chinky: crouching tiger hidden dragon between your legs

Chinky: go between your legs (may movie na Go d ba? hahahahaha d pa sure e)

Chinky : spiderman between your legs

Chinky: elf between your legs

Michelle: Reality Bites Between Your Legs

Michelle: Aalog-alog Between Your Legs (pwede naman tagalog movies d b)

Michelle: Akin Ka Magdusa Man Ako Between Your Legs

Michelle: Borat Between Your Legs (eeewww)

Michelle: City Slickers Between Your Legs

kendz: 40 year old virgin between your legs
kendz: unleashed between your legs
kendz: something's gotta give between your legs
kendz: daredevil between your legs
kendz: anaconda between your legs
kendz: free willy between your legs
kendz: the one between your legs

tama na! :)


Mitchie said...

ahahaha favorite ko ung ANACONDA BETWEEN YOUR LEGS haha

aslee nino said...

hahaha ang kulet! try ko nga din to sa blog ko hahaha