Saturday, October 27, 2007

on long distance relationships

im posting this blog because someone from waw posted about long distance relationships and i just got inspired to share our story. lui and i have been on long distance relationship from the start of our relationship... maybe even before that :)

this is actually my entry to jason magbanua's competition that he had given to wawies. the topic was on relationships that revolved on phone text, etc :) but i would like to share it with you guys na din since he's chosen a winner and gotten a silver award to boot :D (sorry super long read na naman to)

so, here goes...

"our love story... please bare with me if it gets long
and winding... :)

I actually met Lui in high school. He was my sister's batchmate... but
we never had the chance to actually talk to each other... We belonged
to different crowds that just doesn't seem to click... (read: his
friends didn't like me since i am a bit snobbish THEN)

There were actually several times that we could have known each other
better but didn't - during the teacher's day presentation when we had
to present a ballroom dance in front of the whole school population,
sportsfest, parties, etc.

funny thing pa is, our families know each other quite well! or
grandmothers were best friends in china. his dad, his uncle and my dad
actually grew up together! his aunt is our derma and the ninang of my
brother. her mom bought groceries from my mom's store in divisoria
before. i went to LA with his cousins... we met each other in a party
in our house in davao (he was already working in davao then) and so
on... so you can really say our families are very familiar with each
other... :) but the two of us are's like fate is pushing us to
be together but we just didn't realize it... hehe

you see, after high school he actually became good friends with my
sister. they sorta hang out once in a while... so sometimes, i would
chance up on him. but back then, no sparks talga... sure i know he is
nice and friendly but that was it.

until that fateful night... feb. 9 2005 - chinese new year eve...

he sent me a forwarded and generic message. nothing fancy nothing
personal. basically it was a text to greet me a Happy Chinese New
Year. So, i texted him back, sending my wishes and greetings to him as
well... then he texted back... kamusta ka na? then i replied. i guess
from there on you can say that we were glued to our cellphones. (it
also doesnt hurt that both of us had sun subscriptions so we had
24hour free text and calls)

we started out just texting each other... we would text about
anything and everything under the sun! i found out that we had the
have similar taste... we both love dogs, we both love nature-tripping
and taking lots and lots of pictures of nature!

it took us a while to finally get the nerve to actually talk. siguro
mga after a couple of weeks pa before he finally called and talked to
me. it was nerve-wracking. i dont know why but i felt nervous when i
heard my phone ringing and saw his name on the phone. hahaha ewan ko
ba. iba feeling. siguro kinikilig ako. hahaha so from then on, di lang
kami textpals. fonepals pa. hehe we even send each other mms. pictures
of ourselves. pictures of his dogs. and kung anu ano pa. just to put
more depth to our daily text messages. :)

if you would ask us where our first date was... i would answer in my
house in binondo and he would answer in his house in davao... why?
well, because our first date was a dvd movie! hehe we synchronized
everything so that we will be watching the same movie at the same
time. hahaha the movie was "the notebook". and throughout the movie
we would text each other our reactions and what nots. then he just
called me at the end of the movie to share our thoughts hahaha so
funny talaga. a long distance date. very unusual right?

one time, the first time that i'll be going back to davao since we
started texting, i subtly told him that i will be going to davao (this
was end of february). ganun lang. no commitments. hahaha i didnt want
him to think that i'm asking him for a date no! hahaha and you know
what he replied??? he texted "okay... kita tayo. sama natin si plong.
:)" (plong is his bestfriend since elementary who is also working in
davao. and his best man) when i read the text, i felt disappointed. i
thought then that maybe all this is make believe. maybe he is only
sweet and funny to talk to when we're texting each other. but he
doesnt want to take it to the next level.

well, hehe i guess he did. cause eventually he asked me for a real
date. and what a date it was! :) we met up in davao sa may victoria
plaza which is near our house. when i saw him, my heart did a little
pitipat but nothing major. carry pa. hehe... he had the whole day
planned out. we started with lunch at dencio's which is overlooking
davao. then we went to a movie - constantine, at NCCC and then we
headed to waterfront davao for dinner. to top the wonderful day, we
went to the seashore to sit and talk for a while. it was wonderful! it
was only the two of us with the full moon and the water. hehe... we
just talked and talked. grabe what a first date tlaga.

so after that, i went back to manila na.. i guess something good
happened on our first date coz we found each other liking each other
more and more. he'd write me poems and send it to me through text. or
he'd send me cute cartoons in mms. ganun cya maglambing hahaha

and then finally he told me that he loved me thru text! hahaha. ako
naman i didnt want to say something as important as that thru text
lang. so i waited for the next time we met... which was holy week.
march 24. dun ko na cya sinagot. hihihi

i can say that our relationship was made possible by text and calls
since we were miles and miles away from each other (it will take a
plane ride for us to meet each other!) text and calls still play a
great part in our relationship especially now that he's in davao and
im in singapore. you can just imagine our phone bills! but i guess it
is worth it naman. thru a simple text, a romance has started and now
we're getting married in 10 months time! weeee... hehehe.."

now. it's only 3 months to go. exactly three months to go... im thrilled and cant wait to get married to my teddy bear :D


Michelle said...

aaaawwww ang galeng!!! kilig sobra!!! sarap ng kilig stages!!!

ANN said...

yes, sobrang kakakilig your story! hays, LDRs exciting na malungkot na masaya! nakakalokah! =D

Christine said...


anna said...

kakakilig naman!!! halos magkasunod pala tayo ng anniv kendz...kami march 20, 2005 naman...hehehe :)


Candy :) said...

hehehe thanks mga sis! :) *mwahs*

anna, magkalapit tayo ng anniv, magkalapit pa tayo ng wedding dates! hahaha... musta na wedding preps?

mitch and tin! EB ulit! darating si lui sa wed night hehe.

ann, thanks for adding me sa W@W LDR on friendster :)

karen said...

hi kendz, sympre now ko lang nabasa to. sweet pala ng love story nyo ni lui! it was nice meeting him yesterday. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi! ngyn ko lng nabasa about our love story... nakakatuwa talagang isipin na dadating talaga yung right one syo. and u don't have to look for your true love... God will give you. God is Great! love you candypie :* >>>lui

frenzy said...

awww thats so very sweet! goodluck to both of you!