Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NEW blog template

is it too dark?

wala lang... i just felt like changing the template a bit... i actually wanted a different template but somehow it doesnt seem to work with my blog (some text goes a-missing)

let me know what you think :)

this template actually symbolizes exactly how i feel now.

very dark and gloomy...


Tarabusaw said...

Why so dark and gloomy? Anong problema? O sige para matuwa ka naman... I plan to visit you there in Singapura!!! =)

Candy :) said...

dapat matuloy yan ah... di pwedeng drawing. it was nice talking to you!!!

michelle said...

still sad, girl??? cheer up sweetie! let's play badminton so we can shake off all the bad vibes!
can? can-anot??? :)

Michelle said...

hey you feeling? still on your mid-midlife crisis :)...ako rin sad lately...tara tara..let's be miserable together on saturday heheh!!!

Candy :) said...

mitch! see you sat! B-)