Sunday, April 22, 2007

my first prenup

- as the photographer! :)

just spent a very sweaty and tiring day in singapore botanic garden, posing as a free-lance photographer for my two wawie friends. :) although i was just playing saling kit (i was the backup photo wanna be) i still had a lot of fun!!!

it was a very hot and humid day and we were sweating all over, but that didnt stop us! the official photographers were really very dedicated (considering that they're doing this prenup for free) and the two couples were just sooo fun to be with! they did all the poses we asked them to do! hehe it was non-stop laughter all day!
it also doesnt hurt that we had the prenups in a very beautiful place. who could imagine that you can find a place like that in singapore! goodness!

my style for the day was to get as many candid shots as possible. though i did help out with some of the poses, i wanted to focus on the emotion between the couples. thus there were only a few full body shots (i left those to the other photogs)and a lot of closeups (palusot since i dont have a zoom lens i just used my f1.8 the whole day! :p)

these are some of my favorite shots of the couples. :) you can view the rest of the pics here (faye and rommel) and here (steph and joel).

hehe i enjoyed the whole day! tiring but very satisfying!!! enjoy the pics!


anna said...

hi kendz...great photos! wow pwede mo na talaga kareerin yan out mimi and karl!hehe :)

anna (& ton)

Candy :) said...

hi anna! :)

thanks ha... hehe kaso lang i think i still need to go a long way before i get to mimi and karl's level! di pa kaya ng powers ko hahaha :)

~currant7 said...

Candy - love the photos!
You gotta do this as a side-line na lang! :)

Candy :) said...

hi che... naku di pa kaya. ill try to buy more equip then we'll see. :) but meanwhile, manggugulo na lang ako sa mga prenups ng wawies here in sg. (if it's okay with them. :D)