Monday, March 12, 2007

3rd wawsg EB! :D

we had our 3rd successful wawsg eb last friday. im just so sorry that i couldnt stay long... it was my 2nd stop for the night and i had to go to one more party... sigh hectic. hehe just kidding! :D

anyway, due to public demand, im posting the EB pics here. :) welcome to the new member, michelle and stephanie, hope you'll continue to be active members..

sis aslee - miss ka na namin. :(

sis claire! lapit na... please balitaan mo kami agad. pls pls pls!!! :)

jenm and jen luy - sorry di ko na kayo naabutan :(

to the other sisses na mga loyalists and ever present - will catch up with you soon! grabe nawala lang ako napunta na sa kung san san ang usapan! next time sali naman ako. hehehe. gusto ko din ng tips ;p

to the rest of wawsg... i know you are out there somewhere! sali naman kayo! haha sige tatanggalin namin kayo sa yahoo group! joke joke joke. peace po...

here are the eb pics as taken by michelle's better half (jun). sis, bilhan mo na kasi ng camera! mas okay na camera ang gusto nya. hehehe

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