Monday, February 05, 2007

Quality in everything we do. :)

Yes, today is my first day with Ernst & Young (aka SGV in the Phils). I was so anxious and excited that I couldn't get a decent sleep last night! I was rolling around in my bed, thinking of things that can go wrong with my first day! hehe praning. :D

I guess my three years with OCS (office of career services) in DLSU finally paid off. All the things I learned during our training days kicked in. :) Everything they told us to do to make a good first impression, I did... For the first time since I came to singapore, I wore a full corporate attire. Yes - blazer, blouse, SKIRT, panty hose and killer shoes. :) I was going to make a good - no GREAT - first impression and darn it if i don't!

Funny thing about this day is that I actually started working! My seat wasn't hot yet when someone came to ask me to do something already! bwahahaha. :) how lucky of me. but it's okay. at least it gave me a chance to get an idea how they do things this early on.

Everybody seemed nice, but I guess, generally that's how you see people on your first day. :) It takes a little bit more time for their sungays to come out. We'll see.. but i guess, wala nang tatalo dun sa kabila. :D

I really hope I do better in this firm. I am really going to try... The fact that I'm willing to try is a good sign already! coz previously, I didnt have the motivation or the will to try and excel. hehe let's see in the next six months.

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Tarabusaw said...

Now we share the same battlecry! Hehehe!!! Welcome to Ernst & Young Kendz! Teka ano na nga ba ang sa PwC? Hehehe... nakalimutan ko na.

Anubayan di pa tayo nagkikita sa Sametime!