Sunday, October 01, 2006

SUKOB in Singapore

finally, i was able to watch Sukob here in Singapore. It showed last Thursday and we fittingly watched it last Saturday at 12 midnight... (para mas maganda ang effect hehe)

it gave us a sense of pride when we found out that a filipino film was going to be shown here in S'pore. and made us prouder when we saw that the people in the movie house were mostly locals... not pinoys but singaporeans. i was expecting that that movie house will be jampacked with pinoys who either want to watch the movie because they miss tagalog movies so much or are there because they just want to diss kris' acting prowess.. (or the lack thereof) :) but i think there were only about 20 of us who were watching.. sayang. i was kinda hoping that there will be a great turn out. oh well...

all i can say about the movie is, sobrang scary! ngiieee... i am not really the superstitious type, but when i watched the movie, well all i can say is, id rather be safe than sorry! grabe.. creepy tlaga... i'll probably have sleepless nights because of that film!

just thinking of the movie already gives me goosebumps! yiiieeee tlaga... i watched most part of the movie with my eyes half closed and my hands covering my ears. Lol

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